Interesting ways to protect our values

There are many ways to preserve our values. There may not be a full security method, but we would do our best to make it harder for thieves to apply for our wallet, bicycle or other valuables. Below is a free, but ingenious, method and a few thousand forints that can be of great use in addition to protecting thieves, even if we are forgetful of the average.

Conservation of value on the beach

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Surely many of us have already been afraid to leave our treasures on the beach while we went to bathe. Covering with a towel is not an effective method, as thieves can find our values ​​in a matter of seconds. Because on a busy beach, no one is paying attention to the fact that under its towel the owner of the towel is burying or perhaps malicious unauthorized.

We have found a method on the Internet that is very clever and completely free, as all you need is an empty, full-day bottle which, once washed away, has a tool for storing your cell phone, money or even your keys unobtrusively. Of course, if this article is even read by “professionals,” we should look for another solution. On the beach, however, we should be attentive, since the thieves will be easily discerned. Anyone who shakes and opens sun-filled bottles will assume that he is searching for hidden values.

A smart little tool will help you find our abandoned values

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The other solution we introduce to our readers is called Tile. It is a small device with a transmitter, the signal of which can be detected by an application installed on our mobile phone. If you do not know where you put down your key, or if you are looking for your wallet when you start, Tile can easily find them. The device can be put on our keyrings, put in our wallets, put on anything we often look for due to oblivion.

Extremely oblivious to parents, this is a particularly recommended tool, as the Tile can also be fastened to the zipper on the playground of our kids running around the playground, so the sneaky little thing comes up quickly as the device tells you where to go after the snuggled little. But for security purposes, it can even be attached to a bicycle, and if it is stolen, there is a chance that it will come out.

The device also has a built-in loudspeaker 

When activated, emits a beeping sound to help you search. And if we are out of range of our beacon, for example. just standing in front of the door realizing that our house key was lost somewhere on the go, we can post a call on the Tile website. This will let other Tile users know, and anyone who is near our lost object and will receive the signal can give us our key after finding it.